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Our company is renown for our immense experience, which has permitted us to combine destination, luxury and space to offer you the best value for your investment.

With Unique Vacation you can explore your dream destination and enjoy an unforgettable experience in world-class resorts, and plan your own vacation year after year.

Unlike other programs, Unique Vacation gives flexibility and options worldwide for all your vacations. You determine the frequency, destinations and dates of travel.

Unique Vacation gives the freedom to choose where to stay. If you desire to spend a week, two weeks or more on vacation, you may do as you please.

Enjoy the finest beaches, explore interesting cities around the world or ski the tallest mountains, do as you wish. You can return to your favorite destination annually or chose a new location.

With the flexibility of our program, you can travel to amazing places that would leave you with incredible memories and experience. The options are endless!

With Unique Vacation you will receive the service and quality that you deserve.